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1/14/21--Updated my essay on Iowa's COVID-19 spike, collating & analyzing that data, as well as comparisons to a few other jurisdictions (at the COVID-19 hub).

1/5/21 & 1/7/21-- Sequel below has been updated. One more update to go as soon as the official 2020 Census Bureau data is out, whenever they get around to it

12/1/20 -- Added a sequel to my article on Democrat Vote Fraud.

11/26/20 -- Added some more idiots to Facebook idiots on parade.

11/21/20 -- Added an update (and will continue to update periodically) to my essay on Iowa's COVID-19 spike, comparing it w/ other states like New Mexico, California & Illinois.

11/3/20 -- Added a lot to my essay here at the COVID-19 hub.

11/1/20 -- An update to my page on Iowa's spike in COVID-19 cases, with a lot more data from other states demonstrating the antique media brouhaha over this is well... over-hyped, like much of their "news".

10/27/20 -- Added a page (that will likely get very lengthy) on some of Facebook's biggest dingbats & trust me, I could fill this up until the day I die.

10/20/20 -- Added a page to The COVID-19 hub, debunking the screeching over the COVID-19 spike in Iowa recently. There's a lot more to it than watching a 2-minute report on the Morning Idiot Box "News" & sharing memes on social media.

10/13/20 -- Added a few new articles on COVID-19, which can be found at the hub. The final one is a response to virtue-signaling Progressive Democrats like Old Fart Rants, the toady divorcee "Face Bloat" Sam Seder #facebloat #samseder et al. who demand you wear a mask because that's being a responsible citizen. Not only does that open them up to all sorts of pushbacks (because they are hardly a paragon of personal responsibility), but universal masking is hardly a fix-all proclamation. So much worse for the facts, eh?

8/23/20 -- A few friends of mine from Story County, Iowa asked me about the Board of Supervisors asking Gov. Kim Reynolds to institute a "Stay-at-home" order (when folks want to find out about something they ask me). This is the result as I asked both candidates who are running (Steve O'Rourke & Latifah Faisal) if they would have voted "yea" or "nay" since it is an open seat. Steve O'Rourke said he would have voted "nay" & Latifah Faisal is staying quite tight-lipped on this one. She posts a lot of Facebook, interjecting her opinion on a lot of items, but when someone asks her a specific question concerning the office she is running for, she says nothing. I recorded the entire non-exchange here. Amusing, I must admit.

8/17/20 -- Posted several updates (and will continue to do so for some time) to this page on Social Distancing & COVID-19. See the bottom of the page

8/10/20 -- Added another response to Old Fart Rants & his brown teeth. Old Fart Rants wants you to know that #blacklivesmatter #39144 but does he know that the most violent cities in America are diverse, lots of folks on food stamps, lots of working-age folks out of the workforce, loads of fatherless children & single parent homes and... and... they vote Democrat. No, he does not know that because Old Fart Rants is an uneducated idiot that needs to avail himself of modern dentistry.

[7/11/20, 7/9/20, 7/5/20, 6/28/20 UPDATE] 6/20/20--Calling out virtue-signaling Progressives like the portly "Face Bloat" Sam Seder, the morbidly-obese James Corden, "Fredo" Chris Cuomo, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, the fake doctor #mcstupidx & any other Progressive who is trying to use the George Floyd situation as a springboard to cultural change. I think these folks are a bit misguided & if they want to protest over dead African-Americans, here's ~39,000 they can go bonkers over & wreck their own small apartments. To those clowns #blacklivesdonotmatter unless they are killed by police. If it's black-on-black gangland violence, who cares? #blacklivesmatter does not care about black lives. #39144

[7/20/20, 6/27/20 UPDATE] 6/19/20--Added an essay on Social Distancing -- is it working? Are lockdowns & stay-at-home orders making a difference? The results may surprise you. If you have been keeping up on this issue, probably not. If your name is Chris Cillizza, you're probably dumber than a stump and it will make no difference.

6/19/20, 6/7/20, 6/1/20, 5/25/20, 5/23/20, 5/17/20 & 5/15/20--Updated my piece on Bill Maher & COVID-19.

5/10/20--Added (and it will be updated from time-to-time) a large essay on the COVID-19 crisis & the Progressive hysteria surrounding it. They want to use these events for more government overreach & authority, which will end up bad for most of us. Debunking all the hype. These articles have also been posted (sans updates) here & here.

I also updated my article on the mentally-ill Sam Seder.

2/22/20--Added a write-up on the Leaf Area Index. Ecokooks tell us that CO2 is the harbinger of death & all this evil CO2 is "gonna kill us all." However, as per usual -- they let a mental illness & an ego get in the way of the facts. Au Contraire my mentally-ill friends, CO2 is greening the earth & plants love it.

1/7/20--Published a previous Old Fart Rants Debunked Facebook note on this website, click here (see 9/2/19 comment). That's Part I of a response to the pervert "Face Bloat" Stan Seder, I mean Sam Seder, rat-faced Ilhan Omar, the mentally-ill Alexis McGill Johnson etc. et al. & their autistic-repetitions of "white supremacy, white privilege, white people suck." Yes, there are plenty of stupid, irresponsible white folks out there, but I don't think the "white people suck" crowd look at the data. I will spoon-feed it to them, just like their mothers spoon-fed them Ritalin when they were children. Part II here. These articles were added in the "Politics" section. I also added "Face Bloat" to Kook Central.

12/17/19--One of the reasons there are so many poor & dysfunctional people in America is because they make poor life decisions. I've covered elsewhere many times, America's fatherless child epidemic & here's another reason The Greatest Experiment in Liberty is coming to an end -- America has a drug problem (posted in Topical Stuff). Subsidies won't fix it & a one-size-fits-all Diktat from Washington won't fix it. America needs a dose of personal responsibility. The Democrat Party has been/is trying to take advantage of this by putting as many folks as possible under the care of Leviathan & they like it that way. We are far removed from "The Greatest Generation", where men were men, not the metrosexual sissies we see a lot of today. If you do drugs, drop out of school, have kids you cannot/don't want to take care of... don't be surprised if your life isn't going well. Sometimes people are poor because of their own bad choices.

9/15/19--When you hear "Face Bloat" Sam Seder, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders & his butter yellow teeth, Russell Glasser (who basically just copies Malthusian rants from low-rent internet blogs) James Hansen, John Holdren, John "Francois" Kerry, Elizabeth Warren or any other Progressive blowhard tell you to start the clock because civilization has "12 years left" (or whatever number they're pulling from Bill Maher's orifice)--rest easy because they've done this countless times before. It's a scare tactic & is now beyond parody. Enjoy!

9/2/19-- Uploaded a detailed response to a pervert named "Face Bloat" Stan Seder, I mean Sam Seder, Ilhan Omar et al. who are screeching incessantly about "white people, white people, white people." No, white people aren't responsible for the lion's share of homicide in this country & mass shootings aren't even close to be 1/5 of all homicides. Take your Ritalin & calm down. Doesn't Sam Seder have a failed marriage to fix? He can't manage a marriage to a simpleton, but he can run the entire economy. Do as he says, not as he does.

3/19/19-- Senator Dick Turbin says Chicago needs mo' money & it will become a shining city on a hill. I examine (and debunk) Durbin's nonsense & apply a much-needed fact check to the old man's bloviating.

2/17/19--A debunking of the urge in Progressives circles to End The Electoral College.

9/17/18--Did the most violent counties in the 2016 election vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

7/30/18--Just added a spiel on the 1906 Antiquities Act. Congress has successfully outsourced its duties to the Executive Branch again & not only has the Antiquities Act been abused to lock-up more land for the feds, but there's a lot of confiscated "grazing land" under Washington's ownership--which has agitated more than a few people. That's a very short summary, read it for yourself!

5/1/18--Added a total & complete debunking of Old Fart Rants & his dentures' comments on Republican "voter suppression" & poo-pooing of "Democrat Vote Fraud." Dave just got stomped into oblivion again! Roll that into a cigarette & smoke it troglodtye. ;)

3/8/18--Just added a lengthy response to some of the oddball (and very short) diatribes vomited forth by Old Fart Rants (and almost every Collectivist Democrat on the planet) on the Koch Brothers, the mighty Kochtopus, campaign finance reform, buying elections, etc. & so-forth. Enjoy! I turned over a lot of stones & there's a lot more to this issue than the denture-wearing idiot would like you to believe. Of course, he won't do any research anyways because that requires some actual work & he's lazy as well. Laziness & stupidity, a bad combination!

2/10/18--Added a page debunking oft-repeated Progressive arguments concerning "Infrastructure Investment." Enjoy! It's on the Topical Stuff Section. Added an update to my article on Bernie Sanders (Scroll to the end) pertaining to the secret ballot in union elections & the aforementioned "infrastructure investment" argument.

7/25/17--Just kicked Old Fart Rants around again, my right foot is getting tired, I think I'll use my left foot now. (lol)

6/29/17--Added the Burger King of Communist Kooks (Bernie Sanders) to Kook Central. Bernie Sanders may run for President in 2020 (my money is on one more Senate term) & folks like him should be kept as far away from the Oval Office as possible.

12/29/16--Added another response to Old Fart Rants & his brown teeth, as a response to one of his false flag efforts. He's claiming that sock puppets are thumbing his videos down. He doesn't mention me, but I'm who he's talking about. I guess you could say I'm in his head so often I should pay rent.

11/15/16--Story of the Day (I have it all on a backup drive as I refer to them frequently when writing on certain topics) is gone, as well as the SOTD archives. This will massively reduce clutter & I've archived all of them that I could (the entries that weren't months long or would load properly--many of them did not because I transitioned to a new editor) right here. So, if you remember the URL, plug it in there. In addition, over the next month some more articles may disappear permanently (since I began this site back in 2005, I no longer identify as a "Conservative Republican" thanks to guys like Ron Paul, Milton Friedman & the fine folks @ Cato) because I do not subscribe to that thought process or paradigm anymore.

That or the article has been re-loaded (and some of them I will preserve in original form) & if you try the URL minus the ".htm" it will probably be there. Again, ditching the SOTD archives will save a lot of site space. Have a nice day!

11/5/16--I'll tell you what's new & I'll leave it short & sweet. Webs or Freewebs as some of them refer to it as, has become increasingly-difficult to edit in IE. I was told by tech support that IE has always been unstable (I never really noticed that until recently, although some of the articles after I would save them, the spacing would go to hades in a handbasket, but it wasn't a big enough deal to deter me), however they neglected to mention this fact in the tutorial for the new site builder (I had been using the old one for almost 10 years!). I wish they had. Long story short, I noticed in recent months that a lot of my articles (particularly SOTD entries) were being cut short of the end. I couldn't even view the footer.

So, using IE to edit was becoming a veritable train wreck. To cure some of the viewing issues. *SOME* of my articles will disappear & hen reappear under the same URL, minus the ".htm" at the end. Most of them (particularly SOTD archives) will remain unchanged. I also recommend viewing this site using Mozilla Firefox, as I will be editing it w/ the same browser. 

So far, I have a relatively-high opinion of Firefox. Hopefully, it won't take long to fix what I need to fix. I reloaded some articles on Global Warming/Climate Change, the rest should remain unchanged. The reason I had to reload some of them is editing a "legacy" entry is as easy as cold fusion. I'll leave this message up for a few months & then we'll be back to normal, although it should not take that long. Most of my literature is archived here or here anyways, plug in one of the old URLs (or view an archived version of the site & find the article you're looking for, then paste that) & you should be able to view it. If you can't find it, it's probably the same URL, sans the ".htm" at the end. Have a nice day!

PS: Tech support here has also informed me that Webs has been inundated with DOS attacks recently, by jerks living in their parents' basement, which is causing a lot of grief for the good people who use Webs on a regular basis. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon enough.